The continuing pandemic has upended people’s lives in countless ways. All aspects of life seemed transformed. The magnitude of the tragic loss of millions of people’s lives and the economic collapse's speed was unprecedented. Uncertainty remains around the outlook on the recovery. The year has paused several people’s progress, and for many has been a lost year in several senses of the word. Certainly, a year unlike any other!

REEDS was no exception. The year was challenging, which tested our organizational mettle amidst a turbulent macro environment. We have lost a very valuable colleague to Covid, Mr. G Raghuram Reddy who has been a pillar of support all through. Despite this, demonstrating our proven ability in delivering expertise in time once again, we emerged stronger at the end of it in an uninterrupted manner across all our projects. Behind all the REEDS’ accomplishments were the dedication of our field teams, responding to the needs of the time. You may browse our 32nd Annual Report to have an insight into our meaningful work during the challenging year 2020-21.
COVID-19 seems to stay longer in different dimensions and affect us deeper than what we were ready to accept. REEDS has been doing its bit during the year without losing focus on its main objectives. The most gratifying effort has been, however modest it be, extending support to the front-line workers who have been taking on the pandemic – unarmed, helping us stay safe. Our help out during the year covered: distribution of protective masks and sanitizers to police personnel, health & sanitation workforce; provision of meals and rations to at-risk families; and financial support to families of REEDS past & present staff associated with REEDS projects for employment retention and recovery. We are happy to assist those who desire to extend any COVID 19 related support to the impacted communities.
The pandemic has lessons for all of us. It taught us to learn, to change, to innovate, and to grow. There are examples of pandemic winners like ‘Zoom’ which until around March 2020 was an enterprise software meant to help businesses communicate, and then almost overnight it emerged as the go-to platform for millions and as the ‘Times’ declared “Live in Zoom Now”!

We too have an opportunity to be resilient and write a different story. We are confident to build successful interventions built on our rich experience, networking abilities, and the pliability to last the hard times. Hopeful of your continued support, we aspire to make a positive contribution towards rural empowerment through innovative pilots to impart knowledge and life & livelihood skills at the “Front lines in India scale”.

Hopefully, the future will be more vivid. Please continue to keep safe and well.

Dr. Ravi K Reddy
Secretary, REEDS,

Hyderabad, June 28, 2021
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