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Greetings. India has come a long way since the adoption of our constitution on 26 January 1950. There is much that we have achieved. The list of our successes is impressive. And, in many sectors of the economy, we have made real breakthroughs. According to a recent World Bank Report, we are now world's sixth-largest economy by nominal GDP amounting to US$ 2.59 trillion surpassing France.
Yet the remarks made by the Constitution Drafting Committee Chairman Dr B R Ambedkar in his last speech in the constituent assembly on adoption of Indian constitution ‘On the 26th of January 1950, we are going to enter into a life of contradictions. …….. in social and economic life we will have inequality’ persist even after 70 years!
There still remain very major areas of concern! We still have the largest number of those who cannot read or write. Despite the massive gains made in reducing multidimensional poverty, 364 million Indians continue to experience acute deprivations in health, nutrition, schooling and sanitation. As WE, THE PEOPLE OF INDIA celebrate the completion of 69 years as a republic, just as there is enough reason to celebrate, there is enough cause to introspect on ‘how long shall we continue to live this life of contradictions?’. Let the spirit our constitution is our aspiration.
While we are pondering upon our social impacting initiatives, it is a coincidence that we have come across an opportunity, thanks to Dr. SK Hajela, our mentor and advisor, to involve ourselves with a landmark global event deliberating the emerging issues and challenges in applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology and its societal impact, as an extension to our earlier initiative SKILLS2017 - Leveraging Digital India for Rural Empowerment!
The International Colloquium - AI FOR A BETTER WORLD! is being held in Delhi from 18 – 19 February 2019 under the aegis of CMS, a leading multi-disciplinary research organization in association with group of concerned think tanks and various government and non-governmental agencies. REEDS and LSLSI feel privileged to take part and support the prestigious Colloquium, the outcomes of which we trust would help rural communities improve their life. As NITI Aayog perceive ‘Solve for India means solve for 40% or more of the world’!
Dr. Ravi K Reddy
Secretary, REEDS,

26 January 2019

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