It has been a while that I have shared the happenings in REEDS! Gone March, another year had passed in the life of our organisation - with fulfilling achievements but not without challenges.

One of most satisfying accomplishments during the just completed year has been SKILLS 2017 International Conference held on 16-17 November 2017, at Dr. MCR HRD Institute of Telangana, Hyderabad. We will be sharing the conference report soon with you.

Continuing our expedition initiated in 2010 through Life Skills and Livelihood Skills Conference series aimed at developing the skill levels that help enhancing general quality of life of rural India, we had delivered another successful conference SKILLS 2017.

We are well pleased as we, through this endeavour, could present a timely and valuable platform for idea development and collaborative discussion, on the national Digital India mission’s potential to transform rural agricultural economies, among the relevant stakeholders in India and across the world. The deliberations emanated important recommendations and supportive solutions and called for action to ‘enabling the change to ensure empowerment’. This made the Conference the perfect place to unveil the new direction and branding for our rural empowerment efforts. Conference Report will soon be available on www.skills2017.org

We are thankful to all those who supported us in our effort to make a change.

As Qi Lu, former executive vice president of Microsoft once said that his company uniquely empowers people to “do more”, it is our desire that the work we do empowers people in rural India to “do more” to enhance their lives and livelihoods. With your continued support, we aspire to realize empowered India.

Dr. Ravi K Reddy
Secretary, REEDS,

3rd August 2018

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