When the Swachh Bharat Mission was first launched on 2 October 2014, 23.4 million new toilets were required to make India Clean by 2 October 2019. 28 months elapsed since its launch. Another 13 million (about 40% of the target) are needed to be completed in the next 19 months - i.e about 30,000 new toilets every day, or a toilet every 3 seconds!
Work on sanitation, no doubt, has accelerated across the country. But continuing to respond to demand for individual household toilets; ensuring the quality outcomes; and bringing attitudinal changes in sustaining the progress so achieved remains a challenge. Meeting this ever growing challenge will take more than policy and infrastructure support from the government. Nor can the action of any single individual or organization reach the goal. It will take a concerted effort. Let’s all be part of the collective action to make cleanliness becomes a part of our lives.
In our bit of work in this area, we are happy for the number of rural populace with toilets at home have gone up to close to 1000 (200 households) till now through our Project Zero Open Defecation. We also feel privileged to be one of the 29 Institutional National Level Monitors identified by Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation, Government of India to assess the impact and sustainability of sanitation promotion in the Open Defecation Free (ODF) declared villages under Swachh Bharat Mission in the country.
We are also, as a way forward to realize possible solutions in the critical area of skills development for a Clean India, endeavoring to conceptualize two of the recommendations emanated from the SKILLS2015 International Conference organized by REEDS and LSLSI in November 2015 to the government and other relevant agencies for their consideration.
We remain committed to the cause and this perseverance of working is only made possible by valuable support and advice of many people and their trust in what we do. To take our cause further to make the change we count on your continued support.
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Dr. Ravi K Reddy
Secretary, REEDS

Hyderabad, 15 February 2017
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